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645 Pro with a metering prism and power winder. The M645 Super, 645 Pro, 645 Pro TL and 645E are medium-format SLR cameras made in Japan by Mamiya from the mid-1980's. They make fifteen 6×4.5 cm images on a 120 roll film. Unlike Mamiya's 6×7 SLR cameras, they do not have bellows, but rely on helical focusing in the lenses Mamiya 645 Super battery - 1x 4LR44 6V battery. Mamiya 645 Super without battery - Yes it will work at 1/60 mechanical shutter speed only. Mamiya 645 flash sync speed is 1/60 (though some lenses have leaf shutters so they can sync to 1/500) To remove the Mamiya 645 film back the dark slide needs inserting The Mamiya 645 Super (second generation M645) on the left, the Mamiya 645 1000S on the right. Truly, it's the grip on the M645 Super that makes it feel so much bigger and bulkier. As you can see, front-to-back, the bodies are about the same size. The Mamiya 645 1000S was manufactured over an amazing 15 year time period, from 1976 clear.

The bayonet mount for the Pro-TL is the same for the entire 645 lineup so every manual focus Mamiya 645 lens can be used with 645 model. Focal lengths range from an ultra-wide 24mm f/4 (full frame. 27 product ratings - **Near Mint** Mamiya 645 Pro TL Film Camera w/ Sekor C 80mm F/2.8N From Japan. $1,099.00. $65.00 shipping. or Best Offer Shot with Mamiya 645 Sekor C 210mm f4 @ f4 on Fujifilm X-T20. The test. I don't have any experience comparing lenses like this, so I'm sorry if I oversee something. The test was done indoor shooting a bunch of object with the same lighting and with the same camera settings (iso200, fixed white balance) on a tripod. Since the focal lengths.

The Mamiya M645 is a medium-format camera that operates via an electronic focal-plane shutter. You can capture a wide variety of photos with this camera from landscapes to people or objects in motion. You can find many new and used Mamiya M645 cameras on eBay. What are some features of the Mamiya M645? Features of the Mamiya M645 include The Mamiya 645 is a camera many consider for its vintage and modern options, as it comes with winding film and a larger than average-sized frame. Find your Mamiya 645 camera refurbished or new through a large eBay listing. Why is the Mamiya 645 a medium format camera Mamiya 645Pro はマミヤの645判一眼レフカメラ。. マミヤ645シリーズは全体的に安価で、手軽に中古の中判一眼レフが欲しい方に最適なカメラだといえるでしょう。. ゼンザブロニカやペンタックスなど国産中判カメラは数多くありますが、マミヤの中判一眼レフ. Mamiya 645 AE Prism Finder. all optics are scratch and fungus free. the extension ring is listed separately. Really cute Mamiya 645 AE Prism Finder in great condition for 75 Bought second hand Check my other items all located in Thetford. Details: mamiya, prism, finder, tried, works, although, guarantee, accuracy, meter, royal

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Mamiya 645 Pro with AE Prism. It has the ability to change film backs with the use of a slide, so that you can remove the back with say a roll of color film exposed mid roll, and replace it with another film back loaded with black and white. You can also buy a back for 35mm film, 220 and pack film if you desire THE NEW CREDO 50. ISO 100-6400. 14 f-stops DR. 1 Hour Exposure. Mamiya Leaf. Mamiya 645DF + Leaf Credo 80 MP Digital Back Powered with Capture One. Technology and Creativity meet. High Performance. Superior Image Quality DSLR-like Handling

Click my link to get two months of Skillshare Premium for FREE! http://skl.sh/willemverbeeck2///My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/willemverb////The Fil.. Mamiya Leaf/Phase One, the successor companies to Mamiya, still produce a high-end, digital format version of the 645 (The Mamiya 645DF+). While the new digital cameras that Mamiya Leaf sells are out of the price range of many casual photographers, the good news is that all of the film cameras based on the M645 system can still be had for. Mamiya M645 system. Mamiya 645 series features fast and convenient 35mm handling, with a medium format negative size 2.7 times larger than 35mm. These cameras can take on virtually any assignment from fashion and beauty to travel and nature, from sports and photojournalism to architecture and advertising illustration, with superior results and. Personally, I prefer the Contax 645 system. See also the Pentax 645 cameras. See also Mamiya's comparison chart among the 645AF, 645AFD and 645AFDII, and their common questions and answers about the differences. Help me help you top. I support my growing family through this website, as crazy as it might seem The Mamiya M645 is the first series of 4.56 SLRs made by Mamiya. The finder and screens are interchangeable, but there is no magazine back, only preloadable film inserts. All the M645 models share the same accessories (finders, screens, lenses, grips and inserts). The lenses and inserts can also be attached on the later Mamiya 645 models. The original M645 appeared in 1975. It has knob advance.

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Mamiya 645 PRO TL Mamiya 645 PRO TL Geschichte. Die Mamiya 645 PRO TL ist eine analoge Mittelformatkamera, mit dem kleinsten üblichen Format von 6×4,5. Die ersten Generationen der 645 Kameras: M645 - M645 1000S und M645J waren tolle Produkte und wurden viel genutzt, ihnen fehlte jedoch das Merkmal des jederzeit austauschbaren Filmmagazines Mamiya 645 Mount Lens to Compatible with for Nikon F-Mount Cameras D7100,D7000,D5300,D5200,D5100,D5000,D3300,D3200, M645 to Nikon Lens Adapter 5.0 out of 5 stars 6 $53.90 $ 53 . 9 Trioplan 105mm/2,9 do Pentax 6x7 67 II Mamiya 645. Stan. Używany. 895,00 zł. 89,50 zł x 10 rat raty zero szczegóły w ofercie. 903,99 zł z dostawą. do koszyka. dodaj do koszyka Mamiya 645 system With this document (and later on my homepage www.photo-phil.org) I want to give a short overview of the Mamiya 645 system. When I got my camera, lenses and stuff I went looking for information about these. But everything was scattered all over the whole internet so I will try to collect everything and put it together t

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The Mamiya 645 addresses both of these problems by being much smaller than an RB67 and, since it's an SLR, it's better for close-up and faraway shooting, compared to a rangefinder. For these reasons, I managed to talk myself into investing in the system. Cacti. Like most medium format film cameras, the 645 Pro is a modular system camera Soutenir la chaîne sur Tipeee : https://fr.tipeee.com/emgkphotographie Le projet Box Argentique / Film Mystère : https://boxargentique.fr/ Aujourd'hui, je vo..

Mamiya 645 120mm f/4 Macro MF Manual Focus Lens for Mamiya 645AF, Phase One Body {67} $350.73. 229100. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. View Details. View Details. Mamiya 105-210mm F/4.5 ULD Lens For Mamiya 645AF Series & Phase One {58} $308.92. 229119 All the other Mamiya's get all the love. Now here's a group for the workhorse of the Mamiya line, the 645 in all its myriad forms, including the Phase One 645's and the new Mamiya and PhaseOne 645DF's. All variants of the 645 lines welcome, including the M645, M645J, 1000s, Super, Pro, Pro TL, 645E, 645AF, AFD, AFDII, AFDIII, 645DF, ZD DSLR and PhaseOne 645 Fotodiox Pro Lens Mount Adapter - Kiev 88 Lens to Mamiya 645 (M645) Mount SLR Camera Body. $79.95. $79. . 95. Get it as soon as Thu, Jan 21. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Only 1 left in stock (more on the way)

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mamiya 645 120/220 roll film holder (ha401/hb401) instruction sheet/178953 Mint Mamiya 645 Afd II Formato Medio Fotocamera Af 35mm F/3.5 Lente. EUR 2.349,66. EUR 53,61 spedizione

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Le Mamiya 645 1000S est un très bon appareil qui n'est pas ruineux pour les personnes désireuses de se (re)mettre au moyen format. Je le trouve assez compact pour un appareil offrant le format 6×4,5 (entre 15 et 16 photos pour chaque rouleau 120). Au niveau de l'ergonomie, on s'y fait assez rapidement à l'usage *Mamiya 645 1000s, Pentax 67, Mamiya C3 e lubitel 166b. Top Vieni a scoprire il canale telegram di analogica.it - tantissime offerte su materiale fotografico analogico nuovo ed usat Mamiya/マミヤ 645スーパー用 ケーブルレリーズアダプター (144400) 【元箱付・送料無料ネコポス便】 販売価格 ¥ 2,750 税込 良品/保証無し/元箱 I bought a Mamiya 645 Pro TL kit used off of Ebay for a song. Of course, the main power board in the camera was fried upon arrival. But that issue was resolved in arbitration. I ended up with an excellent + camera with 80mm and 150 lenses, the AE prism, and 2 backs

Other models allow the use of the excellent Zeiss Jena Pentacon 6 lenses on Mamiya, Pentax, or Contax 645 cameras. We also offer an adapter for the 300 mm Pentacon and 500 mm Practicar lenses to medium format cameras. We also offer a unique Mamiya 645 to Contax 645 cross-platform adapter. This adapter allows the use of Mamiya lenses on the. Eladó Mamiya 645 fényképezőgép ára 80.000.-Hirdetés azonosítószáma: 7255586a78c579fc. Budapest . Szólj hozzá! Kattintás ide a válaszadás megszakításához. Név (kötelező megadni) E-mail cím (nem kerül nyilvánosságra) (kötelező megadni) Honlap . Térkép; Kapcsolat So looked at the Mamiya 645 Pro TL and cannot understand one thing - it says it has maximum speed of 1/1000. I kind of think this is too slow for a bright day with F/1.9 outside. I have metered with my EOS 3 and it pushed speed to 1/8000 - 1/4000 in very bright situation pointing at skin (My ISO was set for 100, lens Canon L 50mm at F/2.0) Mamiya 645E roll 6x6 filmes fényképezőgép 55-110mm objektívval eladó: Mamiya 645E váz, portrémarkolat és 4,5/55-110mm-es zoom objektív szet eladó. Középformátumú gép, roll filmmel, azaz 120-as vagy 220-as jelzésű 6x6cm-es filmmel működik. A kereső pentaprizmás és a megfelelő képet mutatja. Az E jelzés azt jelenti, hogy egy 6V-os alkáli elemmel működik minden. Mamiya 645 Super. La Mamiya 645 Super è una fotocamera reflex a pellicola prodotta dal 1985 al 1993 (fuori produzione). Non dispone di modalità scatto continuo (raffica). Il prezzo medio, al momento dell'inserimento della scheda, è sui €; 5 utenti hanno dato un voto medio di 8.4 su 10. Se hai utilizzato questo modello, puoi aggiungere il.

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  1. All in all and for the price, the Mamiya M645s represent one of the best first forays into medium format photography, especially for the photographer put-off by TLRs or zone-focusing cameras of yesteryear. In the Mamiya 645 1000S, you find a highly capable machine packaged into one of the best-looking exteriors anywhere
  2. So it should just be a question of applying 0.61 to a Mamiya 645 native lens focal length - then multiplying that be 1.25. Therefore, a Mamiya 80mm (for example) is a 35mm equivalent (in angle of view terms) to a 49mm. Multiplying that by 1.25 gets you to 61mm
  3. The Mamiya 6 system, introduced in May 1989, is a 6×6 cm (2¼ square) rangefinder camera taking 120 and 220 film with three interchangeable lenses of 50mm, 75mm and 150mm. The Mamiya 6 does the same thing as a Hasselblad system with 50, 80 and 150 lenses, just that this Mamiya weighs much less, is much easier and faster to use and makes.
  4. The Mamiya 645 and the Pentax 645 are two of the most popular models. In this video, brought to you by Talya Adams , she makes a comparison between the two most popular 645 model film cameras
  5. Mamiya 645 Lens Equivalents. April 1, 2019 I have a Mamiya M645 SUPER medium format camera. I have had it for a while, probably about 8 years or so. Its in pretty good condition, and fully functional. One thing that I keep forgetting is the lens conversion factors between medium format and 35mm. I intuitively know what the 35mm lengths mean now.
  6. bellalee,: I'm trying to decide whether to go for the cheaper 80mm 2.8 or the more expensive 80mm 1.9 for my Mamiya 645 1000s Are there any significant differences in image quality? Thanks :
  7. Mamiya 645. Soldes pour un achat Mamiya 645 au meilleur prix. 16 références neuves et occasion disponibles pour pas cher sur Rakuten ce mardi 13 juillet. List

Mamiya 7II: 1999 6 × 7 cm Nachfolgemodell der Mamiya 7. Mamiya 645 AF: 1999 4,5 × 6 cm Mittelformatkamera mit Autofokus und Wechselmagazinen. Mamiya ZD: 2006 4,5 × 6 cm Erste digitale Mittelformatkamera von Mamiya Mamiya 645DF: 2010 4,5 × 6 cm Kamerabody zur Aufnahme von Digitalrückteilen aller führenden Hersteller Mamiya 645DF+ 2013 4,5. Mamiya introduced the autofocus 645 AF 4.5×6 SLR in 1999, and made this compatible with third-party digital backs as the 645 AFD in 2001. Mamiya collaborated with Leaf; the DL28 'camera system' is the Mamiya 645 AFDIII with Leaf's Aptus-II 6 28-MP back For 645, I've had the Mamiya M645 1000s, 645E, and 645 Pro (each by itself, not at the same time) and just recently traded the Pro for the Bronica ETRSi. So far, I'm liking it a lot. I do miss the faster lenses available for the Mamiya, but I do love the compactness of the Bronica Re: Mamiya 645 pro digital back? In reply to Italianswti • Jul 15, 2005 For instance, the Imacon (Hasselblad) backs, 16Mp or 22Mp offer Mamiya 645 versions Mamiya M645 Super カメラ のマニュアル、ユーザガイドと資料. M645 Super Mamiya カメラのPDFマニュアルを無料でダインロードできる。. 1 Mamiya M645 Super カメラの無料のPDFマニュアルがある. Mamiya M645 Super 指示マニュアル

Mamiya has announced the first medium format digital SLR, the 22 megapixel Mamiya ZD and a digital back of the same name. The ZD has a large 36 x 48mm sensor, is compatible with 645AF lenses and has a 1.8-inch LCD. It stores 12-bit colour images on to either CompactFlash or SD cards. The Mamiya ZD Back realizes full interactive communications through the MSCE (Mamiya Serial Communication for. Mamiya 645 AFD Review 13 14 Share Tweet. Now is the time to get some top-of-the-notch analogue camera equipment, as pros still switch to digital and you can get their used equipment at bargain prices! For example is this Mamiya 645 AFD

Click here to go to main Camera Manual site. RIGHT CLICK ON LINK BELOW, CHOOSE SAVE TARGET AS . SAVE TO FOLDER OF YOUR CHOICE. Problems opening PDF files or printing problems - click here. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE TO. English PDF MANUAL. CLICK HERE FOR. MAMIYA M645J Mode D'Emploi Don't blow your money on a Mamiya 645 or Bronica ETRs with a WLF--they're useless unless you shoot exclusively in landscape orientation. Price-wise, you might look outside the UK, too. If you get either 645 camera, budget for a winder grip--both are awkward handheld without them

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  1. Mamiya 645 AF prism finder FE401 instruction manual. Mamiya 645 AE Prism Finder FE401 / FP401 Posted 1-22-'07 The next page contains information on this camera. If the image below looks like your camera, click below to see the full manual. This camera manual library is for reference.
  2. Home › Mamiya 645 1000S with Lens Mamiya 645 1000S with Lens. 19,300 00 ฿ 19,300.00 ฿ Add to Cart. Category: Medium Format Condition: Used Focus Type: Manual Film Format: 120mm Brand: Mamiya. Lens: Mamiya A 150mm 1:2.8 (005229) Serial Number: L167900. We Also Recommend.
  3. The Mamiya M645 Super is the latest 6 x 4.5cm medium format SLR. This camera has been developed through Mamiya's expertise in the most advanced technologies and offers the quality of a large negative as well as the maneuverability and operating convenience normally found only in smaller cameras

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  1. Mamiya 645 has 4,270 members. A group for Mamiya 645 photographers. Join and post your photos + settings (film, scanning etc)
  2. ated the need for a handheld light meter and allowed for a more streamlined shooting process
  3. The Mamiya 1000s is slightly different than its predecessors (just M645s). This newer model added the faster 1/1000th shutter speed and a cool little multiple exposure lever. That added shutter speed is nice to have. The multiple exposure option is fun, and can create some interesting photos. You flip that switch down, and the camera.
  4. Mamiya 645 AF 80mm f2.8 Lens 80/2.8 645AF #063. Roberts Camera - Photo Industry Leader since 1957! Tweedehands. EUR 180,40. Topverkoper Topverkoper. of Beste voorstel. Van Verenigde Staten +EUR 56,42 verzendkosten. Mamiya 645AF 55-110mm lens f4.5 zoom also for Phase One, Near Mint condition! Tweedehands
  5. Mamiya 645 kèm lens 80mm 2.8, lens 55mm 2.8, 2 gù kèm theo và motodrive. Giá 8,5tr _ Mamiya là 1 cái tên khá nổi tiếng trong cộng đồng nhiếp ảnh, và phần lớn những thiết bị của hãng có hiệu năng sử..
  6. Mamiya 645 Pro TL Medium format camera W/ AE Prism + 80mm F1.9 lens + 120 back. 1.433,46 EUR. 100,64 EUR de envío

Top-Angebote für Mamiya 645 Objektive online entdecken bei eBay. Top Marken | Günstige Preise | Große Auswah Fotodiox Pro Lens Mount Adapter, Hasselblad Lens to Mamiya 645 Camera - for Mamiya ZD, 645AFD III, 645AFD II, 645AF, 645E, M645 1000s, M645 PRO 4.6 out of 5 stars 6 $79.95 $ 79 . 9 However, the Mamiya lens is designed for the 645 film frame size, which is around 56mm x 45mm. Doing the same calculation for the 45mm lens on a Mamiya 645 camera, we get. 45mm divided by 56mm (the longer side of the 645 frame) x 36mm (still comparing to full-frame) = 28.9mm - which is why they use that figure in the Mamiya literature Le Mamiya 645 AF est un appareil photo moyen format sorti en Septembre 1999. C'est un boitier en aluminium qui dispose de beaucoup de fonctionnalités proches des réflex qu'on connait actuellement. Par contre, c'est le seul boitier disposant d'un autofocus et qui ne puisse pas accueillir de dos numérique. En effet, dans les années. The Mamiya 645 Pro became my first medium format camera a few months ago when I found a great deal on Facebook marketplace that included the 80mm/f2.8 and 150mm/f4 Mamiya/Sekor lenses. I've taken it on road trips to find that it fits nicely in a backpack, carried it around my neck on long walks through my Chicago neighborhood, and have shot.

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Random Mamiya 645 Pro Samples from 85 available Photos more. Comments All photos are copyrighted and may not be used without permission from the photographer. These photos are are a guide to what these cameras are capable of, but may not fully represent the camera due to post-processing, scanning, or photographic technique.. The Mamiya / Phase One camera is an open platform, the interface is non-proprietary, and any film or digital product from other manufacturers can be attached without license fees. The Phase One 645 (and its twin the new Mamiya 645 AFDIII) are based on the previous Mamiya AFDII Lens Mount Adapter. $79.95. Fotodiox Pro Lens Adapter - Compatible with Bronica SQ Mount Lenses to Mamiya 645 (M645) Mount Cameras. Lens Mount Adapter. $79.95. Fotodiox Pro Lens Adapter - Compatible with Bronica GS-1 (PG) Mount SLR Lenses to Mamiya 645 (M645) Mount Cameras. Lens Mount Adapter Mamiya 645 Pro Body Only / 6x4.5 Medium Format Film SLR Camera (LH1495) Gebraucht. EUR 410,22. Aus Großbritannien. Sofort-Kaufen. +EUR 11,55 Versand. 38 Beobachter

Mamiya 645 PRO TL with Sekor C 80mm 2.8 N 120 Film Back Waist Level Finder Crank. Używany. 5 763,71 zł. Mamiya 645 PRO TL Das Meisterstück, die 645 PRO TL, ist bereits die fünfte Generation. Sie knüpft an das Leistungsniveau der 645 PRO an und beinhaltet modernste Technologie aus dem mechanischen, elektronischen und optischen Bereichen. Schon zweimal wurde die Mamiya 645 für ihre vorbildliche Konstruktion mit dem japanischen Good Design Award. Mamiya 645 schermo di messa a fuoco type A4. Rimini (RN)2 lug alle 12:45. 49 € Spedizione disponibile. 3 FUJIFILM GFX 100 Medium Format Mirrorless Camera (Body Only) B&H # FUGFX100 MFR # 600020930. 22 Reviews. Key Features. 102MP 43.8 x 32.9mm BSI CMOS Sensor. X-Processor 4 Image Processor. Removable 5.76m-Dot OLED EVF. 3.2 2.36m-Dot Tilting Touchscreen LCD. $9,99900

Product review: Mamiya 645 Medium Format Camera I finaly received a metered pism finder allowing me to do a proper review of this really sweet piece of camera, the Mamiya 645 s. In this case I have a 645 1000S, an older version with no autofocus but with a PDs metered findered Mamiya 645 Streulichtblende 55-110mm (55mm, 80mm, 110mm) Verkauft wird der abgebildete Streulichtblende für die Mamiya M645. Versand ist möglich zzgl. 2,50.. Mamiya Sekor C 80mm F1.9 Fast Medium format Prime Lens for Mamiya 645. £400.00. £8.00 postage. or Best Offer. 12 watching. Click & Collect When I dipped my toe into medium format photography, my first camera was Mamiya 645 1000S, equipped with 80mm 1.9 standard lens. After understanding how captivating is this world of slow, methodical and rich medium format photography, I started to look for a second lens - this time a wider lens intended for landscape photography

Mamiya 645 manual focus series The M645 (discontinued) was manufactured from 1975 to 1987 — the first model and the launch of the Mamiya 645 system The M645 1000S (discontinued) was manufactured from 1976 to 1990 — added a 1/1000 second shutter speed, self-timer and a depth-of-field preview leve Mamiya 645 vs Contax 645 When I look at the Mamiya M645 Super and more so the Mamiya 645 Pro range they are so similar to the Contax 645 with the DSLR like grip option, film back and film inserts, prism viewfinder and the Zeiss 80mm f2 lens on the Contax 645 is very close to the Mamiya Sekor C 80mm f1.9 lens Mamiya 645. Showing 13-24 of 88 results. Mamiya 645 300mm f5.6 C. Condition: excellent + Mamiya £ 124.95 Add to basket. Mamiya 645 35mm f3.5 C. Condition: very good. Mamiya £ 149.95 Add. User guide covering the Phase One IQ series digital backs on the Phase One 645DF, Mamiya RZ, Hasselblad H1 / H2, Hasselblad V, Contax 645 and Technical Camera. This Quick Guide is also included in hardcopy with your digital back or camera system. This is a white paper that describes how to use Live View on the Phase One IQ series digital back Mamiya 645 Lens Imagery; Mamiya 645AFD, Mamiya M645/1000S, Sekor A 200 mm f2.8 APO; Sekor C 80 mm f/2.8; Sekor C 45 mm f/2.8N;Sekor 80 mm f/2.8 AF; Sekor C 105-210 mm f/4.5 ULD; Nikon D90; Ektar Pro 100; Fuji Pro 160C; film grain; film spee

So the 6×4.5 seemed a logical step. Enter the Mamiya 645: My first medium format camera, a Mamiya 645 with its standard 80/2.8 lens. The Mamiya 645 was all the rage among high-end amateurs (and of course professionals) in the 1980's. Some very expensive piece of equipment indeed. Back then. Only the real fanatics (and the pros) could afford one Mamiya 645 Pro 45mm f/2.8 Medium Format . DESCRIPTION The 45mm f/2.8 is an extreme wide angle lens with a 76° angle of view. Applications include architecture, landscape, scenic travel and fashion photography. Equivalent to 28mm in 35mm format. USER REVIEWS . Showing 1-6 of 6 [Nov 05, 2002] Graham Purse. Średni Format (Medium) - > Mamiya - > System 645 + Phase One : Mamiya 150/3.5 N Sekor C do 645: używany: 1000.00 zł Dostępne od ręki Mamiya 645 Roll Film Insert wkład do kasety 22 Top-Angebote für Mamiya 645 online entdecken bei eBay. Top Marken | Günstige Preise | Große Auswah I have an opportunity to purchase a Mamiya 645 pro with AE prism finder, 120 film back, 80mm lens and drive grip. I have little knowledge of the Mamiya system and would appreciate anything that.

Mamiya had several models of the 645 and this is the last and most advanced one before they went to auto-focus. Even though it is a manual focus camera, it uses rather advanced electronics. It is very compact for a medium format camera and with the grip and AE-Prism finder it handles like a 35mm SLR. This camera was first released in 1997 Mamiya 645 220 roll film insert for M645, 1000S, 645 pro TL ect models with case Cambridgeworld. From shop Cambridgeworld. 4.5 out of 5 stars (46) 46 reviews $ 19.99. Favorite Add to Canon SureShot 130u 35mm Point and Shoot KmcamerasUS. From shop KmcamerasUS. 5 out of 5. DURPX28LB. Product Review. for Duracell 6V Lithium Replacement Battery for Mamiya M645 Film Camera. Great for video cameras, photo cameras, electronics, bark collars and more. Provides reliable, long-lasting power for your specialty devices. Duralock Technology -- lasts 10 years in storage. Brand: Duracell Mamiya 645 1000s con pozzetto Oltre al pozzetto ho utilizzato due differenti mirini. Il primo era un TTL, ma senza accoppiamento con l'otturatore, quindi, seppure l'indicatore nel mirino dava il giusto tempo per il diaframma selezionato, la macchina andava poi settata manualmente マミヤ645シリーズ 645シリーズボディー. マミヤM645(1975年 6月発売) - 世界初の6×4.5cm判一眼レフカメラ。80mmレンズとウエストレベルファインダーの組み合わせで1,335gと、当時の24×36mm(ライカ)判一眼レフカメラと大差ない重量を実現した

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The Mamiya 645 Pro TL is at the heart of the 645 Pro series. Its ergonomic, compact, rugged and modular design make them the choice of professionals who want to step up to medium format. Featuring fast and convenient 35mm-like handling, the 645 Pro TL yields a negative 2.7 times larger than 35mm. Its multi-format capabilities include. MAMIYA 645 / 645AF / Leaf DIGITAL BACKS. Mamiya 645 AFd #BL3104, Mamiya AF 80/2.8, 120/220 Film Back, hood, strap, Ex $1425.. Mamiya 645 DF #BBKF3005, Schneider 80/2.8 LS #LGKJ3005, hood, RRS mount, strap, caps, Ex+ $1695.. Mamiya 645 C 80/1.9 #33741, rear cap, Ex+ $495.. Mamiya 645 C 110/2.8 #42819, rear cap, Ex++ $245

Category:Mamiya 645. English: The Mamiya 645 is a professional SLR medium format (4.5 x 6 cm) camera made by the Japanese Mamiya corporation. Français : Le Mamiya 645 est un appareil photographique professionnel moyen format (4.5 x 6 cm) SLR manufacturé par l'entreprise japonaise Mamiya Pour le piqué le 80 mm f/1,9... seulement il n'est que manuel, alors que l'on trouve aussi pas mal de Mamiya 645 AF en occasion ! Mais le 2.8 AF est moins piqué Mamiya 645 PRO TLデバイスが多くの高度な機能を備えている場合はもちろん、このドキュメントの本文には大量の情報が含まれざるを得なくなるでしょう。 Mamiya 645 PRO TL取扱説明書の情報のうちどれを必ず読む必要がありますか We are the official repair center in North America for Mamiya Legacy products which include the Mamiya 6, 6MF, 7, 7II, 645 models, the C2, C220, C3, C330, and the RB/RZ67. We regularly receive the Mamiya 6, 6 MF, 7, and 7II models for rangefinder calibrations, erratic operation due to impact, exposure damage (sand,water, humidity), and general.

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