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Thomas owes his career to his younger sister, Jane Seymour. As a lady-in-waiting to Queen Anne Boleyn, Jane had managed to catch the eye of Henry VIII by 1536. The king and Jane married just 11 days after Anne Boleyn's execution, thereby inducting Thomas into the royal inner circle Thomas Seymour, 1st Baron Seymour of Sudeley (c. 1508 - 20 March 1549) married Catherine Parr, widow of Henry VIII John Seymour (died young) [31] Anthony Seymour (died c. 1528 ) [24 Within a month or so of receiving her rejection, Thomas Seymour married the queen dowager Katherine Parr, Henry VIII's widow and Elizabeth's stepmother. Katherine had been in love with him since before her marriage to Henry, but it is possible that Thomas married her to get closer to Elizabeth Chelsea Manor, where Thomas Seymour lived with his wife, Katherine Parr, and her stepdaughter, princess Elizabeth. Pintrest. 25. Seymour's Marriage to Katherine Parr Gave Him an Opportunity to Seduce Princess Elizabet

Catherine Parr (wife) Lady Elizabeth Tudor (former lover) Sir Thomas Seymour is the younger brother of Edward and Jane Seymour. While considerably less cruel and cold-natured than his eldest brother, Thomas is nonetheless ambitious, aggressive and unscrupulous; he has an impulsive streak and a short temper Thomas showed little remorse upon his wife's death and it was quite evident that he desired to marry Elizabeth. Elizabeth out of fear of being ridiculed returned back to her childhood home. Young Queen Elizabeth I. The downfall of Thomas Seymour. Thomas was the Lord High Admiral and used his power against his brother Now 14 was an adult woman and the age of sexual consent or marriage for girls in the sixteenth century. But Seymour was married to Elizabeth's stepmother, Katherine Parr and her guardian Born at Wolf Hall,Wiltshire, Thomas Seymour was married to Katherine Parr. He was embroiled in a scandal with Lady Elizabeth before being executed for treason

Thomas Seymour, 1st Baron Seymour of Sudeley, KG (c. 1508 - 20 March 1549) was a brother of Jane Seymour, the third wife of King Henry VIII. With his brother, Edward Seymour, 1st Duke of Somerset and Lord Protector of England, he vied for control of their nephew, the young King Edward VI (r. 1547-1553) Born At Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire on 30 August 1548, Lady Mary Seymour was the long-awaited child of dowager queen Kateryn Parr, and her fourth husband Sir Thomas, Baron Seymour of Sudeley. The unexpected pregnancy left both parents overjoyed. In a letter from 9 June 1548, Thomas Seymour writes to his wife Soon as his wife died, Thomas Seymour went back to creeping on Elizabeth. When the princess moved into and set up her own household at Hatfield House, Seymour sent his nephew, John, to help her move and settle into the new place. However, Seymour being Seymour, lending out his nephew was bound to have not been mere altruism on his part, and. Henry VIII married Jane Seymour in May 1536, eleven days after he executed his second wife, Anne Boleyn. Thomas and his older brother Edward, both saw their fortunes rise, as they became part of the royal family. In October of the following year, Jane gave birth to a son, Edward Tudor, who would become King Edward VI Thomas Seymour was knighted in October 1537. The following year he was granted former monastic land in Essex, Hampshire, and Berkshire. In 1543 he fell in love with Catherine Parr. However, the following year she accepted the proposal of Henry VIII to become his sixth wife

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Col. Thomas Seymour was born at Hartford 17 March 1735, the son of Thomas Seymour II, and died at Hartford 30 July 1829. He was married to Mary Ledyard and together had 7 children: Thomas Youngs, William, Edward, Henry Seymour (the father of CT governor Thomas Henry Seymour), Mary Juliana (who married John Chenevard), Ledyard, and Samuel In 1547 Seymour married Henry VIII's widow, Catherine Parr. He soon exercised considerable influence over the young king and used his office to make illegal but profitable deals with the Channel pirates. By these and other intrigues, he sought to obtain supreme power

Thomas Seymour, the king's brother-in-law and uncle to Prince Edward, the heir to the throne, was in his mid-30s and one of the most dashing bucks of the Tudor court. Katherine later wrote to Seymour to tell him that as soon as her husband Lord Latimer had died in February 1543 Thomas was actually enlisted to meet his brother-in-law's next wife, Anne of Cleves, at Calais while she was on her way to wed Henry VIII. They remained in the King's favor until his death. When Henry died, Edward Seymour had found his place within the group of 16 executors in charge of Henry's will Thomas Seymour, 1st Baron Seymour of Sudeley, KG (c. 15081 - 20 March 15491) was a notable figure of 16th century Tudor England, who rose to prominence when his sister, Jane Seymour, married King Henry VIII. She would be King Henry's third wife, and the mother of Edward, King Henry's son and.. Thomas Seymour, Baron Sudeley, Lord Admiral of England. Portrait of an Unknown Man, possibily Thomas Seymour (c.1508-49) Meanwhile Catherine was persuaded by the Admiral to marry him secretly. They confided in the King, whose approval and support would protect them from the wrath of Somerset and the Privy Council. By the end of May 1547 all was known, and the Protector, although much. Thomas Seymour was executed for treason in 1549, a year after his wife's death. Mary Seymour went to live with a close friend of Parr, but there are no records of her after her second birthday. Although there have been rumors, it isn't known whether she survived

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  1. Thomas Seymour, 1st Baron Seymour of Sudeley, was born in or before 1509 and was the fourth son of Sir John Seymour and his wife Margery Wentworth. He would have grown up at the Seymour family home of Wolf Hall (also known as Wulfhall) in Wiltshire. He was one of a brood of six sons and four daughters, and his siblings included Edward Seymour.
  2. S. Seymour Thomas was born in Texas and started painting at age fifteen. He studied portraiture in New York and Paris, where he won a number of medals, including France's Legion of Honor in 1905.When World War I broke out, Thomas and his wife, whom he had met in Paris, moved back to America and settled in La Crescenta, California
  3. ster is a large marble monument, possibly by sculptor Epiphanius Evesham, to Thomas Seymour and his wife Isabel. The two figures kneel under arches, facing each other, the man in armour, with Corinthian columns either side and a cherub head below
  4. Thomas Seymour was removed from court to a posting in Brussels and Catherine married Henry VIII at Hampton Court on 12 July 1543. 5. She was very close with Henry VIII's children. During her queenship, Catherine established very close relationships with the king's children - Mary, Elizabeth and Edward, who would all become future monarchs
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Thomas Seymour, Baron Seymour. Courtier and solider, Thomas Seymour was the brother of Jane Seymour, third wife of Henry VIII, and of Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset and Lord Protector of the realm during the minority of Edward VI. Thomas courted Katherine Parr, who became the sixth wife of King Henry VIII, and married her secretly following. Edward Seymour [after the death of King Henry, there was a huge riff between the two brothers due to Seymour's schemes to appoint himself Lord Protector. Seymour's wife, Anne, also did not help when Thomas married to the Dowager Queen] Anne Stanhope [see above Edward Seymour and his wife Anne Stanhope had ten children, and not one of them was named Thomas, as is depicted in the series. The heads of Culpeper and Dereham were stuck up on London Bridge--it is very possible Katherine saw the heads there as she was taken by river to the Tower The elder brother, Edward, emerged victorious, but Thomas continued to sulk and create difficulties, despite receiving the title of Baron Seymour, and being granted the delightful Sudeley Castle. Seymour also began to indulge in extremely inappropriate behaviour with his wife's step-daughter, the fourteen-year-old Elizabeth, later Elizabeth I

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Jane Seymour, wife of Henry VIII, and sister of Thomas Seymour. After acquitting himself well in the war with France, Thomas returned to England a hero, promoted to high military offices Dr. Seymour has been in private practice since 1991 in Bel Air, Maryland. He is a member of The American Academy of Pediatrics and the MedChi Organization, and is Board Certified in Pediatrics. Dr. Seymour has been married to his wife, Kim, since 1986. They have two brilliant and beautiful grown daughters, and two sons-in-law who are smart. Thomas Seymour, 1st Baron Seymour of Sudeley, KG (c. March ) was the brother of the English Queen Jane Seymour (the third wife of King Henry VIII) and uncle to King Edward was also the fourth husband of Catherine Parr who was the sixth and last wife of Henry VIII. Thomas was the son of Sir John Seymour and Margaret Wentworth Kateryn Parr still played the role as queen - with a household the same size as when she was married to Henry. Thomas Seymour, being the husband of Kateryn would have loved the feeling he got when he was the most powerful man in the room. Anne Seymour - let's just call her duchess going forward, since she was the Duchess of Somerset

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  1. g more popular to write about. Here are a few of the books I've read on the subject: Secondary Sources
  2. Seymour, Thomas Seymour, 1st Baron (1508-49). Seymour played for high stakes and lost. He was the brother of Jane Seymour, Henry VIII's third wife, and the younger brother of Somerset, protector to the young Edward VI.His spectacular rise began with his sister's marriage in May 1536
  3. Thomas Seymour, 1st Baron Seymour of Sudeley, KG (c. 1508-20 March 1549) was the brother of the English Queen Jane Seymour (the third wife of King Henry VIII) and uncle to King Edward VI.He was also the fourth husband of Catherine Parr who was the sixth and last wife of Henry VIII
  4. Thomas Seymour, 1st Baron Seymour of Sudeley, KG (c. 1508-20 March 1549) was the brother of the English Queen Jane Seymour (the third wife of King Henry VIII) and uncle to King Edward VI.He was also the fourth husband of Catherine Parr who was the sixth and last wife of Henry VIII.. Thomas was the son of Sir John Seymour and Margaret Wentworth. He grew up at Wulfhall in Wiltshire
  5. Thomas Seymour sister(s): Jane Seymour, Elizabeth Seymour, Marchioness of Winchester. Thomas Seymour family: Mary Seymour (daughter) Who has Thomas Seymour worked with? Catherine Parr (wife) Tags: birth year 1505 death day 20 death month march death year 1549 english. Suggested Posts. Justin Timberlake Facts
  6. Thomas Seymour, 1st Baron Seymour of Sudeley, KG (c. 1508 - 20 March 1549) was the brother of the English queen Jane Seymour who was the third wife of King Henry VIII and mother of King Edward VI.He was also the fourth husband of Catherine Parr who was the sixth and last wife of Henry VIII.However, he is probably best known for his influence in the life of the future Queen Elizabeth I
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Jane's Brothers . Two of Jane's brothers are noted for using Henry's ties to Jane for their own advancement. Thomas Seymour, Jane's brother, married Henry's widow and sixth wife, Catherine Parr.Edward Seymour, also a brother of Jane Seymour, served as Protector — more like a regent — for Edward VI after Henry's death As he had already decided to make Katherine Parr his sixth wife he sent Thomas Seymour as permanent ambassador at the court of the regent of the Netherlands. 1543 (26th June) Thomas Seymour was created Marshal of the English army in the Netherlands. 1543 (12th July The three-time widow then married for a fourth time. Her final husband, Thomas Seymour, was her longtime love before she got hitched to Henry. Although Parr had wanted to marry Seymour for years, she wasn't his first choice. Seymour had actually asked Elizabeth Tudor, barely a teenager, to marry him. After she rejected him, Seymour wed Parr Will of Thomas Seymour of Ridgefield, dated 6 Mar. 1806, proved 26 Feb. 1812. To wife Sarah, the improvement of one-third of the real estate during her life, and one-third of the personal estate forever. To daughter Ruth, $57, besides what I have already given her

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After Katherine's death, Sir Thomas left Sudeley, leaving the baby to the care of his mother, Margery, Lady Seymour. He did not long survive his wife and died a traitor's death on 20 th March 1549. His daughter was disinherited by Act of Parliament - An Act for disinheriting of Mary Seymour, daughter and heir of the late Lord Sudley. John Seymour was born in England in 1738 and worked as a cabinet maker there until he, his wife and son Thomas, the fourth of six children, immigrated to the United States in 1784. In Boston, John and Thomas created furniture with a similar neoclassical high-style that was being made in London

Tags: Carolly Erickson, childbed fever, Edward VI of England, Henry VIII, Katherine Howard, Katherine Parr, Lord Latimer, marrying old men, stepmother, The Last Wife of Henry VIII, Thomas Seymour. The Last Wife of Henry VIII by Carolly Erickson. This was my first foray into books about the wives of Henry the 8th that was not written by Philippa. The Thomas Seymour Society. 925 likes · 1 talking about this. Discovering the truth about Thomas Seymour, brother to Queen consort Jane and Edward, Duke of Somerset. He was also uncle to King Edward.. Thomas Seymour. Thomas Seymour was born 1508, brother to two other famous Seymours: Jane Seymour, third wife of King Henry VIII and mother of King Edward VI, and Edward Seymour, who became Protector Somerset after Henry VIII's death. Henry VIII had instructed that a Regency Council take charge of the realm during Edward's minority ('Woe to thee O land, when thy King is a child'), but the.

Katherine Parr - Facts, Information, Biography & Portraits. Katharine Parr was the sixth and last wife of King Henry VIII, destined to outlive the mercurial ruler. She was already twice-widowed and childless when they wed in 1543; she was also in love with Thomas Seymour, the brother of Henry's third queen Jane Thomas Seymour, 1st Baron Seymour of Sudeley was a brother of Jane Seymour and the fourth and final husband of Catherine Parr. He is mentioned by Catherine before and during I Don't Need Your Love. Thomas was executed for treason under the rule of his nephew, Edward VI, on 20 March 1549 Thomas Seymour, 1st Baron Seymour of Sudeley, KG (c. 1508 - 20 March 1549) was the brother of the English queen Jane Seymour who was the third wife of King Henry VIII and mother of King Edward VI. He was also the fourth husband of Catherine Parr who was the sixth and last wife of Henry VIII Thomas Seymour, 1st Baron Seymour of Sudeley, KG (c. 1508 [1] - 20 March 1549 [1]) was the brother of the English queen Jane Seymour who was the third wife of King Henry VIII and mother of King Edward VI.He was also the fourth husband of Catherine Parr who was the sixth and last wife of Henry VIII.However, he is probably best known for his influence in the life of the future Queen Elizabeth I #OTD in 1549, Thomas Seymour was beheaded at the Tower of London for treason. Thomas was Jane Seymour's brother, the third wife of King Henry VIII, who died after giving birth to Edward VI.⁠ ⁠ In 1547, Thomas became the fourth husband of Katherine Parr, who had been the sixth and last wife and Queen of Henry VIII

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The 28 years old Dylan Thomas Andrews is the eldest son of Stephanie Seymour with husband, Tommy Andrews. Despite being born in the same family and sharing the same mother, the personalities of the siblings vastly differ.The Brant brothers are models, fashion moguls and are making up a name for themselves in the entertainment industry Thomas Family Dentistry welcomes you and your family to ours! We've been taking great care of families in Seymour, TN for over 30 years. You will always see a friendly face when you come to Thomas Family Dentistry, and our team is dedicated to serving you and providing you with the best dental experience you've ever had Seymour's love life has been a tumultuous journey of ups and downs. From failed relationships to domestic abuse, she has endured a lot. In 1989, Seymour married guitarist Tommy Andrews with whom she had her first child Dylan Thomas Andrews in 1990. However, their marital bliss was short-lived and the couple separated in 1990 Jane Seymour was born at Wulfhall in Savernake Forest, Wiltshire. The fact that 29 ladies rode in her funeral procession in 1537 - traditionally one for every year of life - suggests that she.

Thomas L. Seymour Thomas L. Seymour, 79, of Winter Haven passed away December 21, 2020, at Winter Haven Hospital Emergency Room. Tom was born November 21, 1941, in Danville, Illinois. He was the son of Charles Henry Seymour and Doris (Kay) (Hogan) Seymour. The Seymours moved to Lake Wales when Tom was a child Seymour, Thomas Carl Jr. Saginaw, Michigan Passed away early Wednesday, December 27, 2006 at St. Mary's of Michigan hospital after a lengthy illness. Age 86 years. He was born July 23, 1920 in Saginaw, the son of the late Susan C. (Behm) and Thomas C. Seymour, Sr. He attended St. Andrew School where he had served as an Altar Boy

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Thomas Seymour by Nicolas Denisot (c. 1547) Elizabeth's governess, Katherine Ashley, and Sir Thomas Parry, the head of Elizabeth's household, were also arrested and interviewed by Sir Robert Tyrwhitt. They both provided accounts of Thomas Seymour's relationship with Elizabeth. On 22nd January, 1549, Tyrwhitt had a meeting with Elizabeth Henry's sixth and last wife, Catherine Parr, married Thomas Seymour after King Henry died in 1547. He was the brother of King Henry's third wife, Jane Seymour On Wednesday 5th September 1548, between two and three o'clock in the morning, Catherine Parr, the dowager queen and wife of Thomas Seymour, Baron Sudeley, died of puerperal fever (childbed fever). Her body was wrapped in cere cloth and waxed cloth, then encased in a lead envelope, for the burial which took place the same day at Sudeley Chapel Seymour Thomas named his wife, Penelope, the beneficiary of a $100,000 (face amount) insurance policy on his life. The policy provided that upon his death, the proceeds would be paid to Penelope with interest over her present life expectancy, which was calculated at 25 years

Tommy Seymour (Thomas Samuel Fenwick Seymour) was born on 1 July, 1988 in Nashville, Tennessee, United States. Discover Tommy Seymour's Biography, Age, Height, Physical Stats, Dating/Affairs, Family and career updates. Learn How rich is He in this year and how He spends money? Also learn how He earned most of networth at the age of 32 years old Thomas Seymour, 1st Baron Seymour of Sudeley, KG (c.- 20 March 1549) was a brother of Jane Seymour, the third wife of King Henry VIII. With his brother, Edward Seymour, 1st Duke of Somerset and Lord Protector of England, he vied for control of their nephew, the young King Edward VI (r. 1547-1553) In this extended article, Rebecca Fachner looks at the story of King Henry VIII's seventh wife - the one that got away. We venture in to the tale of Catherine Willoughby, one of the most enchanting women of her age and Henry VIII's would-be wife Thomas Seymour. Brash, impatient, he aspired everything too soon and that led to his death. On the twentieth of March 1549, Thomas Seymour, Edward VI's uncle and younger brother of the Lord Protector, Ned Seymour, was executed at Tower Hill. Thomas Seymour is famous for marrying the late King's last consort, Katherine Parr As the oldest brother in the Seymour family, Edward benefited more than Tom when their sister Jane married Henry VIII and gave birth to his son and heir. At the time of the marriage, Edward Seymour was named Viscount Beauchamp of Hache, Thomas was made a gentleman of the Privy Chamber (Edward already was one)

Thomas Seymour has appeared in the following books: Bring Up the Bodies (Thomas Cromwell #2), Wolf Hall / Bring Up the Bodies, Queen's Gambit (The Tudor. Thomas Seymour was the son of a common knight, Sir John Seymour and Lady Margery Wentworth. His sister, Jane Seymour, died after the birth of the only male heir of England, Prince Edward Tudor. Thomas well known for his scandalous marriage to Katherine Parr, Henry VIII's sixth and final wife (and eventually his widow) Husband: Thomas Seymour Wife: @I1394@ Child: Mary Seymour Relationship to Father: Natural Relationship to Mother: Natural Marriage: Date: 05 JUL 1761 Place: Wantage, Berkshire, England Sources ↑ Seymour-1571 was created by Mark Jaffa through the import of Jaffa UK 2014 Kenneth Jaffa Anc.ged on Mar 7, 2014

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THOMAS SEYMOUR, BARON SEYMOUR OF SUDELEY (c. 1 5 08 - 1 549), lord high admiral of England, was fourth son of Sir John Seymour of Wolf Hall, Wiltshire, and younger brother of the Protector Edward Seymour, 1st duke of Somerset. His sister Jane Seymour became the third wife of Henry VIII. in 1536, and another sister, Elizabeth, married Thomas Cromwell's son Discover the family tree of Thomas Seymour for free, and learn about their family history and their ancestry

Thomas Edward Seymour (born January 20, 1977 in New Britain, Connecticut) is an American filmmaker, composer, singer-songwriter and actor George Augustus Goddard had a summer home in the Blue Hills near the Davenport estate. His wife, Cornelia Amory (1810-1875) frequently corresponded with her cousins and regularly visited the homes of the married May sisters. Fig. 11: Lyre-base card table, Thomas Seymour (1771-1848), Boston, Mass., ca. 1812-1815. Mahogany, mahogany and. Katherine Julian Thomas, age 87, of Seymour, passed away Friday, November 20, 2009.She was a member of Union Valley Baptist Church. She was preceded in death by her husband, Frank Thomas, infant daughter, Judy Diane Thomas, parents, Perry and Ezra Holt Julian, brothers, Otha Julian, Troy Julian, sisters, Garneta Hood, Pauline Manes and Johnnie Frye Survivors: Son: Tommy Thomas wife Jane and. Katherine Parr was the eldest daughter of Sir Thomas Parr and his wife Maud Green, both of whom were at the court of Henry VIII in his early reign. Maud was a lady-in-waiting to Queen Catherine of Aragon and named her daughter, born in 1512, after her. So, Henry VIII's last wife was named after his first

The Queen died on September 7, 1548. She was buried at Chelsea. Queen Katherine Parr was mourned by her stepchildren, by Lady Jane Grey, and all who had known her. When Lord High Admiral Thomas Seymour was executed for treason in 1549, baby Mary was taken in by her mother's friend, Lady Suffolk Thomas Ray SeymourLansing native Thomas Ray Seymour passed away on January 26, 2016 due to complications from a stroke suffered in November of 2015. He was 73 years old.Tom is survived by his wife M

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Edward Seymour was born c. 1500, the son of Sir John Seymour (1474-1536), feudal baron of Hatch Beauchamp in Somerset, by his wife Margery Wentworth, eldest daughter of Sir Henry Wentworth of Nettlestead, Suffolk, and descended from Edward III. On October 16th, 1551 Seymour was arrested for conspiracy Sophia Jane Hepworth (girlfriend) John Bedford. Bei/Shutterstock. Mary Seymour (wife) Michael Collins . Thomas Seymour was executed for treason in 1549, a year after his wife's death. Elizabeth Anne Kempster (girlfriend) Arthur Garrod . William Seymour not only rejected the existing racial barriers in favor of unity in Christ but he also rejected the then almost-universal barriers to. Tom Seymour is the CEO of PwC Australia. As CEO he leads a team of more than 700 partners and 8000 staff across PwC's three businesses - Assurance, Financial Advisory and Consulting. Previously, Tom was Managing Partner of PwC Australia's Financial Advisory business, covering Tax and Legal services, Deals, Infrastructure advisory and. After Henry VIII 's wife, Anne Boleyn, was executed, Jane Seymour and Henry married on May 30, 1536. On October 12, 1537, she gave birth to Henry VIII's first male heir, King Edward VI, the future.

The first ever biography of Jane Seymour, Henry VIII's third wife, who died in childbirth giving the king what he craved most - a son and heir.Jane Seymour is often portrayed as meek and mild and as the most successful, but one of the least significant, of Henry VIII's wives. The real Jane was a very different character, demure and submissive yet with a ruthless streak - as Anne Boleyn was. Helen Thomas Seymour, 93, previously of Frederick passed away May 16, 2014, at Glade Valley Center, Walkersville, MD. Born December 20, 1920, near Charleston, WV, she was the oldest daughter of the late Marvin Pete and Ollie Mae (Stover) Thomas. She was predeceased by her husband Donald Seymour, Sr., in 1987 whom she married on July 22, 1944 People Magazine named him 50 Most Beautiful People in the World in 1993. But wife Kirsten Barlow had no proper career of her own and was a homemaker. Joe's relationship with his on-screen love Jane Seymour. Jane Seymour played Michaela Quinn in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. And Joe Lando was her love interest Byron Sully

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This was the same heraldic device employed by his ancestor, Thomas Seymour, the First Mayor, in sealing his will in 1807, and also by the latter's father. His wife was a granddaughter of the family beauty, Mary Juliana Seymour, and thus a cousin of Mr. Fuller. (<-- 170. David(6) Seymour) (Back to Start) (172. William(6) Seymour --> It was Cromwell, too, who procured the evidence to prosecute, and the conviction, of Anne Boleyn, which saw Henry's second wife lose her head. In 1539, after the death of Henry's beloved third wife, Jane Seymour, Cromwell moved to secure a political marriage for the King with a protestant bride from Germany

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SEYMOUR THOMAS. Stephen Seymour Thomas, a prodigy, was born in San Augustine, Texas, and raised in Dallas and then San Antonio. At age 8, he did a pencil drawing that won an award at the North Texas Fair Association, and he became known as the Boy Artist of Texas ().At age 12 he illustrated a book, and by age 15 he could complete sophisticated oil-on-canvas compositions Seymour is the brother of Henry VIII's third wife, the late Jane Seymour, who was the mother to the now-ailing boy King.Ambitious and dangerous, Seymour begins and overt flirtation with Elizabeth that ends with Catherine sending her away. When Catherine dies a year later and Seymour is arrested for treason soon after, a scandal explodes The Execution of Thomas Cromwell. Thomas Cromwell is one of the most controversial Tudor figures - and possibly the most disliked (at least if you're talking to an Anne Boleyn fan). It's true that a lot of Cromwell's job consisted of organizing executions and pushing people down in order to stay ahead at court Age: 65 Years Old Occupation: Brass Turner Residence: 19 Easton Street Everton, Lancashire, England Father: Richard Seymour Mother: Mary Ann Hunt 1851 Lancashire, England Census Vauxhall, Lancashire, England Richard Seymour 23 b: Cork, Ireland Mary Ann Seymour (wife) 23 b: England Thomas Seymour (son) 8 Mo. b:.. Seymour of Sudeley, Thomas Seymour, Baron, 1508?-1549, English nobleman. After the marriage (1536) of his sister Jane to Henry VIII Henry VIII, 1491-1547, king of England (1509-47), second son and successor of Henry VII. Early Life In his youth he was educated in the new learning of the Renaissance and developed great skill in music and.